Escorts blindfolded and spanked

With my hands bound behind my back and my eyes covered with his tie, I accepted the role as his submissive and was ready to give into his every desire. Never had I imagined that I had enjoy being tied up just as much as I did. Letting go and allowing someone else to be in control wasn’t something that came easy to me. The experience of most escorts is with men who usually want the lady to get all the work done and I for one love pushing their bodies to new limits. But now as I lay defenseless in the penthouse suite of a five star London it was my turn to reap all the benefits of having a man tend to my every need.

With the tip of his finger, he traced his tongue along the length of my neck. My body reveled in the pleasure, butterflies marched around my stomach. I was his and only his for the night. He moved down, and I anticipated what was to come, knowing that disappointment wasn’t something I’d feel.
‘Turn around,’ he commanded.
I did as I was told, laying on my stomach, finding the slightest bit of difficulty when it came to maneuvering to the desired position without the use of my hands.
‘That’s just how I like you,’ he whispered and my body tingled even more.
A smack echoed against the walls as he planted his hand firmly against my butt. The pain was followed by an immense amount of pleasure as he massaged the spot he had just hit. With his fingers he travelled down my thigh and then up, teasing the place that wanted him the most. I quivered under his touch.
‘Not just yet my beautiful Anays,’ he said. ‘I’m going to make you want me more than anything in this world.’
Little did he know, I’d already wanted him more than anything. But he continued to tease and to tempt me and I enjoyed each minute of it. His hands were so strong, so powerful and the pleasure they delivered was unmatched.

He did things to me that were pleasures of every escorts dream and though I couldn’t see his face- due to the blindfold- his image was the only one I had in my mind. Of course, he didn’t last more than an hour before he decided that he needed to enter me. The power I’d felt was nothing in comparison to the one he supplied when he brought my body to complete ecstasy.

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