The escort always says yes

Quite often a booking for an event happens at short notice. These are the gigs that west London escorts really like. I’d accompany the guy, have a few drinks, act as his companion, and leave in a taxi. Sometimes he may want relief, but let’s not be too explicit, but not usually full sex. I appreciated the fact that they were willing to take a chance on me. However, this was the second recommendation from Sasha’s agency in a month.

The client, Rufus, was single, and I guessed from his tone, not happy about being single. Sasha had warned me about his call, as she had no-one available. Sasha rang at five; the call from Rufus was at six, left me an hour before my taxi needed to pick me up.

I wore my hair down in waves and dressed in a calf-length, ruby-coloured dress, with a black wool coat, heels and bag. I checked my nails and headed out. Rufus had only just seen my photo as I’d had to email him a headshot. He’d meet me in the lobby of a hotel nearby where we’d have an aperitif before heading to dinner.

A tall, muscular Hugh Grant- lookalike met me, looked at me and nodded as he bent to kiss me on both cheeks. We chatted over drinks and then we headed to the casino in west London to eat. He was quite charming and flirtatious and I realised that he fancied me. At one point he placed his large, warm hand on my thigh and squeezed it slowly. I almost swallowed the olive in my Martini.

I returned the trick about ten minutes later when my hand inadvertently grazed his crotch and he flinched. We both continued to eat our meals and talk with the people sat to each side of us, but this was more fun than I’d thought. Every now and again, he glanced at me. Rufus had an air of mischief about him and he looked like a man who had partied with escorts before.

Afterwards, we headed to the private casino area and Rufus took my hand and held it tightly as we walked in. We played a few games and I held my own in black-jack, but then he whispered in my ear it was time to go. We headed back into the hotel and up to his hotel room.

As soon as we arrived, Rufus pulled me into a hungry embrace and whispered, “We have forty minutes until your carriage awaits and this is what I would like to do in the meantime.” His mouth descended onto mine and I fell back onto his bed.


West London escorts always say yes on the first date



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