BF escorts in London go camping to relax

Many people like to go camping in the summer when the weather’s all nice and accommodating. However, for me and the escorts who hang out with me, we find the peace and serenity of the beginning of winter to be the ideal time for a camping trip. London started to get cold and as I expected, I received a phone call about taking things outdoors for a while. I instantly agreed, excited about snuggling up in my sleeping bag and watching as the campfire burned all night long. I packed all the things I needed for a couple of days away from the coziness of my apartment and I was ready to head out of the busy metropolis.

Once at the location, I was greeted by four of my best friends, Nolan, Emma and Angeline. From behind them peeked an unfamiliar but very attractive face; one that could make any lady of the evening fall in love. ‘This is Lucas,’ Emma informed me. ‘He’s one of Nolan’s BF. Nolan decided that he didn’t feel like dealing with only girls all weekend,’ she giggled. I introduced myself to Nolan and he shook my hand firmly, like a real man should. Seeing him was definitely a great start to the night. After a bit of chit chat with the girls, it was time to get warm by the fire and enjoy a nice and simple meal. Beside me, sat the stranger who I’d been eyeing ever since I laid my eyes on him. One thing led to another and we got to talking. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone that I’ve had that much in common with. Nolan and I chatted it up all night, laughing and talking as though we were two Londoners who had known each other for years and it truly felt as though we did.

As the night drew nearer and nearer to a close, everyone started to rub their eyes, indicating that it was time to head to bed. However, Nolan and I were just getting started. We decided to take things to my tent and introduce a bottle of wine to our little ‘getting to know each other’ session. I guess after one too many glasses of wine, the attraction we felt for each other was impossible to hide. He glanced at me in a very seductive manner, and I glanced back with an equivalent amount of seduction in my eyes. Then, out of nowhere he kissed me. We kissed for a while until our hands decided to roam in other regions, giving us the perfect end to an already perfect night away from the chaotic lives we lead in city.

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