Dumped & Left With Sky High London Rent

I had a couple of missed calls. One was from Joanna escorts London girls are the worst for girly gossip, however I didn’t want to return the call until I had spoken with Josh.

I returned home to find a letter from Josh. There was also a small brown parcel. I read the letter and burst into tears. He had left me as he realised he’d rushed into the living together part and felt it was best to go. I ran upstairs and realised I had known something was wrong as his books on the bedside cabinet and his iPod docking station were not there. His clothes had gone too.

I knew it. He’d had someone back here. After meeting his manager and friends, he had dumped me. I went downstairs and opened the brown package with trembling hands. It was the money I’d paid to him to sort out his father’s affairs.

That was it.

I rang Joanna and she answered after two rings. She knew. “He’s shacked up with the Russian daughter. They’re worth hundreds of millions. I am so sorry – I think he has only done this for the money. Sasha has found out and she is furious. She dare not ring you about it.”

I put the phone down. She dare not ring here. She was only furious because as one of her escorts he’d let her down on her London operation, not me.

The phone rang again, but I was numb. It was Sebastian. I picked it up and answered as cheerily as I could. I needed to keep all my clients now I was renting somewhere like this.

“I was wondering if you do overnight stays, well for two nights really. I have a trip to New York in a fortnight. I’d love it if you could come along.”

I thought for a moment and declined. “I think you need to ask the person you are seeing to go. It doesn’t feel right.”

I ended the call and it rang again. Sebastian asked me to listen. “When I said I wasn’t available, well, it isn’t because I’m seeing someone, married or not. Look, the phone isn’t the best place to talk about this, but I will. I lost my girlfriend in a climbing accident eighteen months ago. I’m getting over it, but I am not ready to go steady with anyone. Does that help with your decision, Emma?”

I was shocked and I think with everything else, I just started to sob. After a minute or so, I picked up the phone and he was still there. Sebastian sounded worried. “What’s going on? Are you okay?” I said I wasn’t and he asked where I was and if I was alone. I didn’t mean to tell him anything, but I told him I was alone and feeling bad. Then I told him my address He was on his way round and I couldn’t even speak through my tears.


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