The escort completely at ease

I thanked Joe and asked if it would help his research if I talked about a London escorts perspective. It would add another dynamic into his research, although I could not give him specific names or details of sexual experiences.

Joe looked at me in surprise. “I did want to ask you a few questions, but yes, it would be helpful, if you talked freely. Can I record the conversation though? I promise I will not disclose who you are and I’ll dispose of this afterwards.”

I put down my glass as he took the recorder and I started to talk. I had a plan of action, which wasn’t exactly his agenda, but it would stop him from using the recording in front of people.

I stood up and took off my dress, to reveal my lingerie-clad body.

“I’ve undressed, so I also feel in role. Being fully-dressed and talking about being an escort is quite hard to do.”

I wore a pale blue, classy, lacy set, and Joe took in my curves slowly. I sat back down. He said nothing, and leant back against the thick feather cushions to listen.

After twenty minutes of non-stop disclosure, I stopped, rose, turned, and poured out more wine and topped up his glass too. He could see my bottom encased in the blue lace of the French knickers, and I liked the thought of him looking at me. As I turned to sit down, Joe asked me to stop. I looked at him and realised he was aroused. I looked into his eyes as he asked me to take off my bra.

I knelt down in front of him and he clicked off the recorder. I smiled and he smiled back. I was completely at ease with this scenario. I took off my bra and passed it to him. I knelt back so he could look at me, stood up, and sat back down. Joe looked me in the eye and asked me to continue.

I was candid, and honest. I did not hold back when I told him about the orgies I had never wanted to attend in mansions in the London suburbs, and the clients with poor manners, and the three clients I had walked away from because their kinks were not part of the deal. Time passed, and I realised I’d been talking for almost two hours, and the conversation had turned to personal relationships.


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