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Yesterday, I had some time off and treated myself to some personal pampering. Last week, I had three London dinner dates, an overnight trip to Paris and three day-time appointments, followed by two, three hour gym sessions, to re-balance myself and ensure I don’t put on any weight, which can be an easy trap that escorts can fall into.


I liked to visit a clean intimate place in West London, which was only a six minute ride away by tube. I spent four hours having a facial, head massage and full body massage, followed by a mini-pedicure and a manicure. There is something decadent about treating yourself to a different form of body contact. Letting someone else massage you, is like receiving an hour’s worth of hugs.


I smelt the deeply relaxing aroma of essential oils as my body was rubbed; lavender, bergamot and the woody, smoky tones of vetiver, filled the room. This powerful herbal cocktail just lulled me into an almost meditative state; a far cry from the frenzy of the parties I often need to frequent.


By the time, I’d had my other treatments I almost had to be helped into the cab as the oils took effect and I gladly sunk under my feather duvet and drifted off. When the phone rang a few hours later, I realised how hungry I was and checked the time.


I only had an hour to meet Rachel, but I certainly wasn’t planning to have a shower and waste all the goodness of the glorious oils penetrating my skin. Instead, I tied my hair back into a bun, brushed my teeth and applied mascara and lipstick. Then I put on a pair of sequinned boot-cut trousers, a trendy top and slipped my feet into a pair of heeled ankle boots. I grabbed a linen jacket to ward off the cool air from the early September evening.


After a very pleasant dinner with Rachel, where we were eyed up by more than a few men, I was glad to curl up in bed and to watch a thriller, starring the handsome and talented Michael Fassbender. As I munched on popcorn, I mused that if he ever booked my escort service, I would be in seventh heaven.


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