The dream London guy for Dia

Not too long ago, I had a dream so vivid that I was astonished that it wasn’t real “hey who says that busy escorts in London don’t get time to dream too” ever since, I’ve been trying to figure out what it was that I did that previous day to trigger something so wonderful from happening while I was asleep. If only I could remember exactly how my day went, what I said, what I did; I would do it all again, just for another one of those dreams.

A guy who I first met many years ago in a restaurant in central London that I have been in love with for as long as I can remember had popped up in my dream. But this wasn’t the part that was so fascinating. He’s the kind of guy who is absolutely dedicated to his work. He’s got his plans laid out in front of him and he does nothing ‘out of the box.’ My mom thinks that it’s the fact that he’s not all over me, like guys usually are when they meet an escort of my calibre keeps me interested in him. I, however, don’t care what it is, I just want him. I want to do this to him that should only be mentioned behind closed doors. I want to have him locked in a room punishing me for days on end and allowing me to do the same to him.

In my dream, this fantasy of him and I was what I got to live out. He showed up to my London apartment dressed in a suit that fit him perfectly. He introduced himself to me as though he had never met me before and when I asked why, he informed me that he wanted to start over and he wanted our first meeting to be one with an incomparable impact. We talked for quite some time before I invited him into my bedroom. His lips traveled all over my body, to regions that are too secret to be mentioned and I was in a place so great that I never wanted to leave. This man that I had adored for years was finally giving himself to me and I was able to take advantage of his touches, his kisses and just being with him. The day turned to night and we were still entangled in each other.

That’s when everything came to an abrupt stop, jerking me awake harder than ever before. My phone rang and stole my dream away from me. I was so mad, and happy at the same time. The phone call I received was from the escort agency, which meant that I got to live out my dream not too long after.

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