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I whispered huskily into his ear

I looked through the spyhole in the door and realised the guy in front of the door was peering back at me, his eye close to the hole obviously in search of a London escort to fulfil his naughty desires. I don’t know what he was trying to achieve, and I couldn’t help but to stifle a giggle. As he stood back, I noted his handsome, chiselled features, good-quality suit, with short, cropped hair and blue eyes. However, he looked rather nervous. Craig was all smiles when I opened the door to him.

Craig entered the suite, and the first thing he said made me smile. “I haven’t done this before, and I wanted to see what it would be like.”

With my three-inch heels, I was almost as tall as Craig, so I took them off, and replied. “I can’t say I haven’t heard that line before since moving to London. Would you like a drink Craig?”

His blue eyes twinkled as he asked if he could have a Scotch on the rocks, as he took in my cleavage and my slim waist, which was accentuated by a thin leather belt. Craig took off his jacket and sat on the sofa. I passed him his drink and sat beside him, with a half-glass of wine in my hand. I had three clients from my new escort agency visiting today, so I needed to limit the amount of wine I drank at each appointment, but all three would surely have a drink. A half-glass would relax me enough.

I noticed Craig was looking at my legs, encased in sheer silk nude stockings. I whispered huskily into his ear so that he placed his hand onto my leg and stroked my thigh. He felt upwards and smiled when he realised I was wearing stockings.

“You have nice legs, but I would love to see you sitting next to me naked except for your stockings and suspenders. I guess I am easily pleased.”

I stroked his thigh carefully and stood in front on him. My dress had a side zip, so I unzipped it slowly, whilst I let my tongue lazily roll over my lips just like an 18th century London escort in the back alleys of a very seedy part of town. Craig’s erection was instantaneous. He took another sip of his Scotch, as I stepped out on my dress, picked it up and put it on the chair. I wore a set of lingerie gifted through my lingerie modelling job. It was pale pink, with burgundy roses hand-sewn all over the cup and at the top of the high-cut knickers, which clung to my pert buttocks.

“You look so pretty in that underwear,” Craig mused as his hand moved onto his erection. “Carry on please,” he said, as he drained his glass.


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