Etiquette is very important

Sasha, is leaving London on maternity leave for a few months and I was overseeing the booking of escorts for her, whilst she started out on the joys of motherhood. We met up for lunch one day as she wanted to run through what needed to happen, whilst she was away.

I was surprised to note that she was paring down the business and only keeping the current clients on her books. They numbered over two hundred of the wealthiest and elite, but she did not give me a client list, only that she would manage the phone calls and pass me the information and I would manage the girls.

As we ate our respective salads, she asked me about working more with Russian, Japanese and Chinese clients, as the demand was so high. Over my time with her, I had noticed that there were peaks and troughs with English and European clients. Most wanted a few hours, once a month during their business trips in London, and the rest were one-off, or specific occasion requests.

I had not yet experienced the Chinese or Japanese market, full-stop, so Sasha was teaching me about etiquette. She told me several hilarious stories and we laughed heartily. I was curious about men’s sizes as I’d heard stories about width and length. Sasha reassured me that they were not a lot different on the whole and I should not worry. Her only concern was ensuring that I knew the social behaviour required of escorts who entertain these high roller clients and I listened avidly.

We finished off our meal with lemon sorbet. I looked at her and asked if she was prepared and she explained where her head was at. “I’ll be fine until I go on maternity and then my husband and I will have three weeks to get the nursery completed and our own parents will be fussing. I won’t be able to keep the business going as it is, so we might need to think differently about it, in the future. Perhaps you can help out more with the organisation. Just think about it. For now, Ella May is on the way.”

I almost squealed with delight. “You know it’s a girl! How lovely!”

We hugged and headed off separately. I paused for a few moments. I held a typed document that had never even seen a computer and it held a thousand secrets about lives all over the world!


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