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Famous Escorts in London Need a Secretary

“Here.” Sissi dropped a thick leather bound book in front of the redheaded woman seated at her vanity, then gestured towards a red cup full of pens to her left. “You’re going to need this. I don’t let anyone handle it but myself, usually, but I suppose I hired you for a reason.”

Virginia gazed down at the book for a moment before glancing up at Sissi, who stood at the side of the vanity with her arms crossed. With slow movements, Virginia reached out and flipped open the book. Her eyes widened when the scrawls of handwriting registered in her vision. “Oh my God, you’re kidding?” Virginia asked, incredulous as she looked back up at Sissi again.

“Every client I have ever dealt with in a escort capacity is in that book,” Sissi said seriously. “I’m still making my own appointments, but I need you to keep everyone sorted, and keep track of payments and such. I get cash from every single client, but if I haven’t marked in that book that someone paid me after a session, you need to bring it up to me. My schedule for the year is in the second half of the book. I’ve been double booking on accident lately, and you need to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Virginia ran a pale hand through her hair, looking between the book and Sissi in utter confusion. She knew what was going on, but had no idea yet how she was going to keep up. When she had called the number provided for a private administration job, she had not expected to be speaking to one of the famous escorts in London you hear stories about. The high salary offering had her pretending Sissi was doing something else rather quickly. As much excitement as Sissi clearly had in her life, Virginia had a feeling she would learn without any issue whatsoever. Her thought was confirmed when Sissi’s cell phone blared from the dark-haired woman’s bed on the other side of the room.

Virginia snatched up the book that had been trusted to her and reached across the vanity top for a pen. Spinning in her seat, she crossed her legs and searched for a blank page, ice blue eyes trained on Sissi as she spoke into the phone. Dark brows rose slowly as she began scribbling down the details she heard; the pace of said brow raising only increased when she realized that Sissi was speaking to the Prime Minister himself.

Scandal all over this country. She must be good.


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