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All night partying in London, the morning after

Just like all of London’s favorite escorts I love a man who knows how to prepare a good meal. Joseph is one of these guys. If there are two things in this world that I always have an appetite for, they are his cooking and his largely portioned manhood.

One morning after an all night partying with some of our friends in Central London, he was in the kitchen whipping up something yummy. The aroma seeped into the bedroom, jolting me from my sleep. I made my way to him, to see that he still had his morning boner, proudly pressing against his tight boxers. ‘Is it almost ready?’ I asked. ‘As soon as I’m done with you,’ he replied. We made our way back to the bedroom where he kissed me more passionately than ever, his girth growing harder and bigger with each taste his swirl his tongue made in my mouth. Without pulling my mouth away from his, he moved my panties to the side and allowed me to feel the extent of that wonderful tool that I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying, ever since our first encounter in when he came to install the new phone lines at the escorts agency where I was working.

He was a romantic guy and a guy who was dedicated to the things that he loved. He worked hard and fucked harder and an escort like me, appreciates a man like this. Our bodies got hotter and hotter as the intensity of our love making grew and at that moment I couldn’t think about a greater place in the world to be, or a better man to be spending my time with. He was perfection, at its best. The way he kissed me, the way his cock fit snug into my slit and the way it made it tastes in my mouth, I loved it all. I pulled him out of me, and put him in my mouth, licking my juices off his manhood. Again, he engaged me in a deep, passionate kiss, enjoying the taste of me that still lingered on my tongue. Not before long, he made his way into me again and, brought the both of us to an intense and fulfilling orgasm. Naked, we made our way to the breakfast table to enjoy the croissants that Joseph had made from scratch. A guy like him truly deserves the best in this world and when it comes to giving him what he needs, I ensure that I give him my very best. I have never, for the months that I’ve been dating this gorgeous London stud, disappointed him, and he has never disappointed me.

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