Always willing to fit him in

I was mulling over a coffee at a coffee shop near London Bridge. The sun was warm and I had a magazine article to read about escorts and there lovers. As I sipped my skinny Latte, I was trying to work out why men and women used my services.


Whilst not an exact science, I guessed that over a third had a fetish of some sort they wanted to hide from their partners, and another third were in unhappy relationships or not getting intimacy for some reason and were in relationships. The remainder were actually single, or so they’d said.


It was an interesting thought as I recalled the exploits of last night, which firmly fell into the “married but not getting any” bracket. Justin was hot and unfortunately his wife was heavily pregnant with twins and did not want any action at all. We’d had a conversation about whether or not, he’d actually needed to use the services of a lady of the evening or could he just have pleased himself in the shower. His issue was that he remained hard for ages, so a quickie didn’t do it for him. He’d provided the evidence over the course of the evening by teasing me with his hands and tongue to let me achieve three orgasms, and he’d lasted forty-five minutes each time we got it on.


The last time Justin had wanted me to spank him to get him hard and I had to be careful as the red marks on his bottom would be noticed by his wife. He’d surprised me by sharing the fact he was even being confined to the spare room until after the birth, so the chances of her even seeing him naked was actually, zero.


I felt myself warm as I thought about his tongue, when I looked up and saw Justin heading my way, with a huge grin on his face. Now this rarely happened. I liked to keep my personal life and business life in London separate, so when he slunk down into the metal bistro chair next to me and waved the waiter over, I was shell-shocked.


“Have you got your diary with you? I was thinking perhaps one more meeting will do the trick!”


I did tell him off but as his eyes wondered over my cleavage, I could feel myself thinking about his oral skills last night. I pulled out my phone and checked my diary. “It will have to be next Thursday or Friday.” Justin smiled as he wrote down a time. I looked at it, nodded and put it into my diary.


As he rose and paid for both coffees, he added, “I’ll be away from London for a few days but, I am glad you can fit me in next week.” I had to hide a smile as I knew Justin was referring to his huge girth which made his appointments a real pleasure for all of us escorts who he liked to visit.


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