Pleasing single mum Lizzie

The frenetic, but organised, lifestyle of Lizzie put my escorts time management learnt at the agency to shame. Now a single parent to two school-age children, she’d left her husband after realised her lesbian tendencies were too strong to ignore. Now she felt she could not have a female partner, or else her ex-husband would fight for custody.

As I stroked her bare bottom and watched her stir from her sleep, it was hard to believe that this thin waif of a woman had had kids. She was so tight down there. Last night with her was unbelievable.

The more I tried to go deeper, the more she’d struggled, but eventually she’d come with a moan and a shudder and I felt relieved that she’d enjoyed herself. I let her lie for a while and poured more wine for us. Then I returned to the bed.

I parted her cheeks and started to lick her lips. She tasted slightly bitter and mildly salty, but not at all unpleasant; more sexy than anything. I teased her lips and could sense a shift in her as she widened her legs. My tonguing grew insistent and she involuntarily arched her ass towards me. My finger stretched her inside and I rubbed hard and fast, letting my tongue flick lightly over her.

Soon, her breathing changed and she became much wetter as my fingers worked away. Not just one now, there was room for two fingers. I rubbed gently until she came around my fingers and spurted hot juice over my fingers and chin. All of the escorts at the agency just adore a woman who can squirt like this. I have often come like that, in huge squirts of liquid, which have drenched the faces of lovers and the sheets on which I’ve lain

For a few minutes, she did not move, and then she said she had to go. I could sense reluctance, but I chose to say quiet.

“The next time,” Lizzie stated, “I’ll try the strap-on on you. I’d like to make you come for a change.” I suddenly realised that she had never made me come. Perhaps that’s the sign of a selfless person. This was the only time she had for herself so I made sure she enjoyed it.



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