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Most escorts have to feel secure in all circumstances. At work, I have an emergency dial to Franz a London guy, who acts as a bodyguard when I need it, and whilst in the flat, I could call my Russian landlord, who offers me protection and would get someone to me quickly.

I never thought the day would come that I would need to call anyone, but after the fiasco with Josh, I had not slept properly for two nights.

It was the third night, when I noticed a man following me. I was not sure if he was an ex customer from the agency. I had just gone to the Turkish takeaway which Vlad had introduced to me. The man had pretended to take a call both times I had turned around. As soon as I turned the corner, I ran and hid between two cars on the opposite side of the road. I rang my landlord’s number and realised he was out of the country by his signal. Instead I rang Vlad. He answered and I told him what was going on. He was on the way back from a meeting near the London eye but would be home within fifteen minutes. I knelt on the kerb as the guy looked around. He didn’t see me and continued to walk on the other side of the road and then turned the next corner. I crouched as low as I could and walked in the opposite direction. As soon as I hit the corner, I looked around and saw the man again and this time, he saw me. I ran. I noticed a deli and headed over to that.

Inside, I spoke with the lady owner. “A man is following me. Can I hide in the back?”

“What does he look like?” I gave her a description and she ushered me into the back. Five minutes later, she came through. He went past a few minutes ago, so you should be safe now.” At the same time, my phone rang and it was Vlad. I told him where I was and he’d be there in five or so minutes.

Vlad arrived in his Range Rover and parked up. I ran out of the deli in tears, and he bundled me into the passenger seat. Of course, my kebab was now cold but I wasn’t hungry now.

“I’ll get two more. Let me know if you see the guy, okay?” He sounded serious and I knew he had been worried about me.

He ordered two more and just as he came out, the guy who had been following me walked into the takeaway.

I hid down into the seat and told Vlad when he came back. “Are you sure?” Suited and booted, he walked back in and asked a few questions.

When he came out, he passed me a five-pound note. “You forgot your change.” I knew then that was a lie. “The guy did not even shout and pretended to take a call twice when I looked around.”

“Leave it with me,” was all that he said, but the muscle in his cheek was twitching. “Don’t go back in there either. I’ll sort it out later.”

I still felt scared when Vlad left me alone in my flat later on. He didn’t even try to sleep with me, and just gave me a bear hug before he left.



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