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Escorts relieve the stress of divorce

Well, I didn’t see that coming. One of my regular, very wealthy clients from the agency has filed for divorce. We sat in the plush low leather seats of his sports car as we waited for the lights to change. Stephen sounded upset as he told me the story.

At times, Stephen touched my knee gently, and I didn’t want to upset him by asking too many questions. When he divulged he’d caught his wife in bed with another man, his voice faltered. He’d left a file at home that he needed for a meeting at his London branch and had returned to pick it up. The noises coming from the bedroom had sickened him. He’d had a feeling something was amiss as she only wanted sex twice a month; hence his need for escorts like me. I ask no questions of my clients.

His wife hadn’t wanted children yet. At ten years younger than Stephen, she wanted to wait until she was thirty.

Well, that wasn’t going to happen now!

An attractive man in his late-thirties, Stephen ran a gaming company. He’d hit the big time when angel investment had enabled his business to grow.

The roar of his car engine sounded loud as we hit the motorway before the rush hour. We were off to Stephen’s weekend retreat for the night in Buckinghamshire. It wasn’t that far from my parent’s house, but we certainly were not planning to stop by.

When we arrived, the retreat was a small converted chapel. It was extremely pretty, with a patio garden, and a wood burning stove.

Stephen was cooking dinner. After putting the steaks and other ingredients in the fridge, we went upstairs.

I would massage him and he kissed the back of my hand before, he lay down.

As I massaged his shoulders I could feel his tension, so I worked hard at reducing the knot and worked down his body. I knew he worked out as the muscles in his buttocks were rounded and so nice to feel. Touching him like this was starting to turn me on, personally I don’t believe that many escorts would not be turned on by such a sexy client. The electricity between us was always not far from the surface.

As I worked his buttocks I could feel his breathing change. I reached under him so I could caress him properly whilst still massaging his thigh. He opened his legs slightly, and I asked him to kneel so I could work on the inside of his thighs. I liked that view. Already erect, I knew he was enjoying the attention he’d been missing. I kissed his thighs, moving to the inside and he moaned. I knew what he wanted me to do next, but I would certainly not be rushing this experience.


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