Jeremys Hands on My Breasts

I checked my eyeliner and rubbed off the light pink lipstick. I took out a ruby-red lipstick and applied it carefully. I changed jackets, rolled my worn one up and placed it in my tote bag. The last stage of my transformation into the one of the hottest Russian escorts in London was to change my hair. I took out the hairnet and fixed my hair so no tendrils strayed and affixed the wig. It made my face look rounder and I didn’t look anything like the girl who had just entered the restroom ten minutes earlier.

I was ready for business. My heels felt oddly on the thick plush, squidgy carpet. I headed down the corridor and past the large banqueting suite. Hesitating slightly, I scanned the nearest tables and noticed Josh sitting with a young brunette, who was talking to him animatedly. She had her hand on his thigh and he didn’t seem to mind. I knew he would be there; he’d told me, but I didn’t know the girl. Lucky her!

There is no room for jealousy in his game. Instead, I casually headed to the lift and took myself up to the penthouse suite overlooking the London eye. My client, Jeremy, was waiting for me.

He took one look at me and smiled. He’d only seen me once before, complete with this very same wig. I thought about the girl with Josh, and the fact he’d be heading to a room here within the next couple of hours. On my part, I had a two hour stint and I’d be home showered and in bed, before Josh even left this girl’s bed.

I put that thought to one side as Jeremy lounged back and caressed a fishnet- stockinged thigh. He’d just poured the two glasses of Moet, and I thanked him quietly. He was a classy, older gentleman, based in Geneva most of the year, with a few trips over here. I liked how he spoke, with a slightly Germanic lilt, adored escorts from Russia and he was good in bed, more to the point.

As I straddled him, he stroked the stockings. “You remind me of a girl in a fifties film, with this look.”

He took me slowly, letting himself enjoy every second. It would be just the once, but he liked to take his time, cupping my breasts firmly in both hands. At the thought of that girl touching Josh’s cock, I could feel my insides warm up, and I moved faster on top of him. I looked in the mirror opposite and looked at Jeremy’s hands on my breasts, closed my eyes and concentrated hard.

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