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Every expectation fulfilled

He kissed my lips so tenderly, drawing me into him with an undeniable intensity. I couldn’t believe what was happening- that I finally got what I wanted. To be in his arms was more like a dream I never thought would ever be actualized. But there I was, fully engaged in my Prince Charming; taking advantage of each and every ounce of passion he so willingly offered.
‘Paris, my love,’ he whispered into my mouth, ‘I’ve wanted you for so long.’
I melted at the sound of his voice. I wanted to ask him just how long he’s lusted for me. But one look at those sparkling grey eyes had me in a trance that I wasn’t ready to be whisked out of. The time for conversation wasn’t now. It wasn’t time to break away from the surrealism of being his, if only for a night. I gripped his auburn hair and pulled him gently closer to me. His hands traveled up my back, caressing the softness of my skin with the perfect combination of roughness. Strong hands- that’s what he had. Strong manly hands that proved just how much of a hard worker he was. I reveled at his touch, wrapping my legs around him and tending to his neck in a way that sent him moaning in anticipation of the greater pleasure he knew was to come.

At that moment, there was no place in London that I’d have rather been and no one I would rather be with. I’d watched him from afar for so long and now, he was finally mine. Now, he had finally opted for me to be the escort who made his wildest dreams come true. I gave my all that night, showing him just how much he had been missing. Once I’d introduced him to all the pleasure he could manage, we flopped back down on the bed, stared at the ceiling and breathed in perfect harmony.

‘Paris,’ he said, ‘this won’t be the last time I see you.’
I smiled, satisfied that I’d lived up to his every expectations and happy that our time together wouldn’t end as quickly as it could have. Perfection is what I’d given him and perfection is what he would be coming back for. The moment he left was the moment I started to miss him but I was consoled by the memories of what we shared that night.

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