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The stars were bright and twinkling and it seemed as though all of London, the bars, restaurants and escorts were asleep. It was truly a strange feeling because even on a Sunday night, I usually hear a bit of hustle and bustle going on in the ‘always’ busy streets. Feeling lonely, I decided that I didn’t want to head to bed just yet, but instead, wanted some company to keep me warm and add a bit of chaos to this awkwardly still night. That’s when the idea struck me that I should give Steven a call.

Steven is a guy who I had met at a club in London’s Regents Street a few weeks back. He was tall, dark and handsome and had the ability to charm even the strictest ladies. Though I’m not usually one to hold back because if I see something that I like, I see no need to let it slip away, Steven made me want to resist him. Why is that? Because I wanted to prove to him that pretty men don’t always get what they want, at least not on their terms and not with an escort like me. So, on this night, I got to set the speed. I was the one doing the calling and the inviting and it made me feel great.

He answered the phone, and the sound of sleep whistled in his voice. I could not believe it. A guy who parties as hard as Steven was in bed before nine! Upon hearing my voice, his tone grew a lot chirpier. I invited him to my apartment and he readily accepted. With the offers that I made him, I knew there was no way in this world he would refuse.

I waited impatiently for a half an hour for Steven to make his way to my place. This of course gave me enough time to slip into a sexy pair of underwear and to get a bottle of champagne out of the fridge and waiting for his arrival. I thought that we would be able to get a bit of talking and getting to know each other done before we took things to the next level. However, the moment I opened the door, the look of want on his face told me otherwise. And yes, seeing this man made me want for nothing more and so I just had to have him, right there in the middle of my living room.

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