Escorts like me know how to keep things going

I’m part of a secret group of proud London escorts who belong to some very influential men. This one gentleman, Damian is one of my sweetest clients and he has impeccable taste in jewelry, and purses as well as vacations, or perhaps it’s his assistant. Either way, the gifts I receive are always great. When Damian requests my services, we’re usually heading to one of his many important business meetings. I’ll get all dressed up for him, ensuring that my lingerie is as sexy as can be.

His meetings typically take place in London. Mixing and mingling with his business partners, their wives, escorts and girlfriends is always great, but what’s even greater is the sneakiness that always occurs at these dinners. Damian and I whisper in each others ears the entire night. While everyone looks at us thinking that we’re talking business, if they were to overhear one of our conversations, they’d realize that the only business being discussed is the one waiting to happen in the bedroom. When I tell him how much I miss his body, and how much I can’t wait for him to take care of me the way he always does, I know that he gets excited. I know this because the things that are happening in his lap are only things that happen to men when they’re in the mood to leave a meeting and take things to the bedroom. Once the chitter chatter is over, we speed out of the restaurant, and things get started right in the back of his car, because the bedroom is just not close enough. But don’t think things stop right there. When we’ve made our way to his London apartment the real party is just ready to be started. Escorts like me know how to keep things going all night long and how to get it started once the sun approaches.

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