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Falling for your roommate makes things incredibly hard. Annie moved into my apartment shortly after I moved to London. I thought that having a roommate would be a great way to get integrated into the big city escort life. She could show me the ropes and help me to get a bit more grounded in my new home. But when that beautiful girl walked through my doors, I knew that there was a lot more that I wanted. She had this life about her that just made my world light up. She was so chirpy, so energetic and just drop dead gorgeous. We’d become friends very quickly and had a great deal of fun together. However, there was one thing I didn’t know- whether or not she was interested in girls. Now, I do love my men, but I like to dabble every once in a while.

Not wanting to ruin the relationship Annie and I had, I decided that it was best to keep my thoughts to myself. I’d admire her from a distance and from up close, I’d fantasize about her in the shower or whenever I was by myself. But I would never ever act on my feelings.
It was until a few months later that things got heated between us. Annie was interested in my job in the escorts business and wanted to know what it was like. I explained things to her- told her how much fun I had making my London clients feel great and how great they made me feel. And then, out of nowhere, she asked me if any of my clients happened to be female. I told her that occasionally, I’d get couples, but as for single women coming to me, that didn’t happen very often. She kept pushing these questions until it led up to a finale that I never saw coming. Turns out, Annie was interested in me. It never crossed my mind that she didn’t have a boyfriend simply because she wasn’t interested in boys. But as it would turn out, that was exactly the case. She told me how she felt about me and how-just like me- she’d fantasized about us being together.

Not long after, we found it hard to keep our hands off one another. That night, we surely made up for all the fun and passion we’d been robbing ourselves of. Annie was an amazing and incredibly attentive lover.

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