A busty babe gets her mother’s blessing

Well I haven’t heard from Josh who had now joined the ranks of the escorts but Anna left me a “Miss snotty London cow” message, stating if I had a conscience about what I used to do, then that was my problem and not hers.

I had other things to think about. My mother was going to be staying for a few days each week for the next seven weeks in the run-up to Christmas as part of her course. She was looking forward to this, whereas I’ll be working every possible hour before she arrives, and after she leaves. All weekends were back on, so business in the run-up to Christmas for a busty girl was busy. All my regulars were booked in three or more weeks in advance, and newcomers would have to take whatever hours I had left. On the days my mum was here, I sewed curtains, cushions and made swags, blinds and tie-backs.

I made up the sofa-bed in the lounge and hid away everything in my blanket box, which was firmly padlocked. My wardrobe was locked too.

On night two, my mum was finishing her coursework, when the intercom rang. It was Vlad, so I mentioned my mum was here and we were thinking of eating out. Vlad wanted to meet her and asked if he could take the three of us out.

“Of course I will not mention anything about our meetings.” I let him come up and explained it would be her decision if we all ate out.

As soon as she saw him, her face lit up. “I didn’t know you had a “friend,” she said. “Are we all going out?” My mum looked at us quizzically as I introduced her to Vlad and she winked at me. “He looks like a young Daniel Craig, my dear,” she whispered, as she waltzed past to grab her handbag.

Whilst I changed, Vlad and my mum chatted together. Vlad was smiling when I came out and he smiled at me too. That was a rare occurrence.

Vlad had chosen a lovely new bistro in Chelsea and chauffeured us both there. My mum was very impressed by his humour and conversation. My mum wanted to pay her part of the bill, but he would not have it. “I enjoyed the evening,” Vlad said, as he offered his arm for her to link on the way to the car.

At the end of the evening, Vlad opened both car doors. He kissed me on both cheeks and kissed the back of my mum’s hand.

My mum told me I was a dark horse. “You would have my blessing, my dear.” I then spent the next hour wondering if I had not seen the wood for the trees. Would Vlad be interested in me romantically?


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