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Perfect Russian Beauty

I headed off to my final burlesque session and realised, as I looked in the mirror I thought do all Russian escorts look as sexy as me? however, I did notice that I had put on a little bit of weight. It wouldn’t be noticeable to anybody but me, so this dancing session would help to burn off the winter calories I had stocked up on in December and January. I loved this class and had become friendly with Jemima, a lovely girl who lived near my west London apartment. We headed off to a coffee shop afterwards. She was doing this to improve her confidence and I explained I was quite body-conscious, at which she laughed in disbelief. “You’ve got a figure I envy, every time I look at you in that leotard.” I blushed furiously and smiled into my coffee. “You would not believe I do lingerie modelling. I took a break for four weeks, but I’m starting again next week. I’ve just heard that I’m doing a shoot in Morocco for two days.”

This was true. Being an escort and a lingerie model afforded me the luxury of a fabulous lifestyle. I had worked pretty much up until Christmas, but had only had a half-day the second week in January. It was now February, where the Moroccan days would be warm enough to shoot in the desert and at a hotel. I explained all of this to Jemima, just as another girl from our class, Danii, slipped in beside me. “Is this okay? I am so thirsty after that class. It’s a pity it is over. Are you signing up for the advanced class? You’d both left so I said I’d let you know as I know you come in here after the classes.”

Danii was a slim, jeans-wearing, Jewish tomboy, who had told me she was spicing up her sex life tremendously. Her boyfriend was quite keen to find out what extra things she had learned after each session. We all laughed. Jemima’s boyfriend was more interested in playing computer games than having any sexy fun. “But now,” she joked, “he’s going to get such a shock. He thinks I’m at a Zumba class each time I come here. He has no idea I’ve been learning how to dance burlesque.” I smiled at that. I dare not tell them that this perfect Russian beauty was an escort who regularly dances in front of some of clients before indulging them in the most intimate experiences. They would probably be quite shocked. However, it was nice just chatting about how this had built up our skills and confidence!


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