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Well, how many escorts can say they’ve entertained a lovely Jewish man before? As Jacob the suave trader from London’s diamond quarter entered the room I could not help but to glance quickly at package area as he greeted me in the lobby of a hotel I had never frequented, located a stone’s throw away from Tower Bridge.

Jacob was American-Jewish, and needed a female to show him the sights for a day, and to entertain him in the evening. This would encompass a trip to the theatre and probably bedroom frolics afterwards. Of course, I was happy to oblige and he was certainly taken with my personal appearance, not to mention my breasts, as he looked lasciviously at them.

Ironically, as I gazed at him, he smiled and gave me that look. I knew that look and it meant he was in the mood to play with his escort. I asked him what he’d like to do first and he nodded towards the lift. In the room, he undressed quickly and asked me to do the same. Within minutes his hands were touching my breasts and buttocks. I had to look closely. Jacob laughed and knew exactly what I was so interested in.

He pointed to the lighter skin near the top and the darker skin further down and a mark which he stated was due to his circumcision. I smiled back and watched this lovely man bob into life. I leant forward deliberately and seductively and pushed my tongue out so that Jacob held his breath, waiting for the first touch. Then I started to massage him with my tongue and mouth.

Secretly I liked the look of his equipment, I could see his desire and his interest in my breasts meant that he could not help but to touch them. It didn’t take him long to reach the point of total ecstasy, but he mentioned he was disappointed that I hadn’t.

I smiled. “It doesn’t always happen the first time, so let’s go out, I’ll show you round and you can treat me to your gorgeous equipment later on. What do you think?”

Jacob pulled me to him and a look of lust came into his eyes. “Actually, I think I’d like to order some drinks and just treat myself to more of you, right now.”



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