London mansions and irresistible escorts an oligarch’s dream

I’d just come back from a London boat trip on the Thames. It was a birthday trip which was booked for the afternoon and involved drinking lots of champagne, eating smoked salmon and soured cream blinis, which were actually quite filling. It was an interesting gathering. Two of the “girls” were present, Tanya and Roberta, as well as Sasha. Now I was no longer one of Sasha’s escorts, but I was still invited to the odd function. I think she hopes I will come back to her at some point!

Tanya had started to work for Vlad, who was a previous Russian client, and she remarked he wasn’t at all happy that I was no longer available. She was a petite blonde, not unlike me, but she was one of the prettiest call girls I have seen around. She asked me cautiously, “Was he quite rough with you? Not nasty, but was he passionate really quickly?”

I smirked at the apt description of Vlad’s sexual behaviour. “Well actually, he was rather good after he’d been satisfied, but I think he had a soft spot for me too.”

Tanya eyed me curiously. “He didn’t get married you know. He was jilted at the church. Apparently she had realised he’d been a bit of a play-boy and decided she was not interested.”

I tried to look nonchalant, and sipped at my champagne. “Oh really, well it hardly surprises me. Don’t tell me he was all psyched up for me then?”

Tanya looked at her fingernails. “I can’t tell Sasha, but he wants to see you.”

I picked up a blini from a passing tray and looked at the grey of the Thames passing by. I looked over at Sasha and then back at Tanya. “I’m not stupid. Is that why I was invited here? Sasha asked you to get me on board to satisfy a jilted Russian oligarch.”

“On the contrary,” a deep voice answered behind me. “It was I who asked Sasha to invite you.” I knew that voice and from his tone he did not sound too happy about the “jilted” comment.

I heard a whisper in my ear and Tanya winked. “Did you leave Sasha’s London office because you thought I was getting married.”

I turned quickly and looked into those deep-blue eyes and looked at the scar on Vlad’s chin and then on his forehead. It always looked like it would never heal; an angry red line forever. “No, and anyway, I am off-duty, so don’t even think about laying a finger on me.” Vlad raised his eyebrows and just sipped his champagne.



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