The secret benefactor

It took me twenty minutes to decide on the colour of two lipsticks and a nail varnish. Typical escorts in London our beauty routine is so important for what we do. I sometimes use gel nails, but today I was just planning to have a French manicure and to have a pedicure. The nail varnish was for my toenails.

I was going to a Halloween Ball in less than a fortnight, and I had to sort out an outfit. Sasha was organising this and when I mentioned this to Vlad, he explained he was going to be away on business.

I would have gone with him, but he was in Dubai for six days. I did not realise that Islamic law prohibits unmarried couples from living together or sharing a hotel room, so he felt it was better from a business and personal angle for me not to go, but he would bring me a present back.

Well, that meant I’d have to go to the Ball myself. I did not mind, but it was going to be huge event as it was her husband’s fortieth birthday too; London escort girls and a lot of different types of people would be mixing together.

As I was having my pedicure and I talked about my outfit. I was making it myself, given my machinist skills. As I talked the phone vibrated and it was a text message from Gemma, my escort friend.

She had taken over the bookings for Sasha for the male clients, but she had sneakily booked me for a two-hour meeting with Josh, a week on Monday. I gulped. This was two days after the Halloween night, and I realised that Josh might even be at the party. I would definitely have to cancel going altogether. I fell silent and pretended to snooze whilst the podiatrist worked wonders on my feet, still sore from the modelling work.

So what would I do in those two hours? I would probably stick with my plan, which was to leave him the money he needed to pay of his father’s debt, however that had occurred. I’d leave a note telling him it was from someone who wanted to help.

He wasn’t cut out for escort work. If anyone tried to trace Alice, I had an elaborate set-up, which could not be traced back to me. My IT technician and Franz had sorted it out.

As for Josh, I felt it was the least I could do.


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