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He had to have me

He came to me looking for ‘the girlfriend experience’ but was uncertain as to what it truly entailed. I’d had guys in London like him before, nervous, stressed and in search of something they never believed they’d find. One look at him and I knew I had to make him believe that he could indeed acquire the satisfaction that he sought.

‘Vin,’ I exclaimed, wrapping my arms around him and hugging him tightly.

I looked up to see the tension slowly slip away from his face and I could tell that he was already impressed by my enthusiasm.

‘I’ve made something very special for us- something I hope you’ll enjoy.’ I held his hand and guided him over to the dining table where a bottle of champagne was chilled and waiting to be enjoyed.

‘You really didn’t have to,’ he blushed.

‘Oh, it’s my pleasure. A guy like you deserves the best and nothing less,’ I smiled.

I poured a drink for Vin and then one for myself, licking my lips with each sip I took. His eyes couldn’t manage to pull themselves away from me; it was as if I were the last woman left in London following a nuclear catastrophe and to preserve the human race he had to have me. The more he stared, the more I wanted him. The feeling of having a man lust after me was one that I and so many other escorts enjoyed and one that made me want to thank them for appreciating my beauty. I slipped out of my chair and made my way over to Vin.

‘Push your chair back,’ I instructed him.

He didn’t speak, but he followed my command. I slowly lifted one leg and placed it on his, sliding myself down onto his lap. ‘Do you want to kiss me, Vin,’ I ask, searching his eyes for the answer.

Without adieu, he pressed his lips against mine and used his tongue to part my lips. I allowed him to glide in and out, enjoying the feeling of his smooth tongue dancing around mine. He was an incredible kisser. There was so much passion in him- passion that I would get to take advantage of to its full extent. I led him to the bedroom where I didn’t take my time to rip his clothes from his body. What I saw caused my body to crave him even more. I guess what they say about actions speaking louder than words really is true because the performance that Vin put on that night was unlike anything I- in all my years of being a gentlemen’s lady of evening- had ever witnessed before.

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