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Pleasure with each kiss

I kissed Mike again and again with so much passion the way no other agency escorts would be so hot and open with a client, until he also became passionate. This time, he spun me around until I was on my back. He liked a brief tussle and the prospect of now being on top of me excited him hugely. We were playing a game. If I lost I would kiss or lick him where he wanted and if I won, he would lick and kiss me where I wanted. He was a comedian and saw the fun in every aspect of life, including sex. “If you can’t have a laugh in bed, you may as well stay celibate.” He said that at least twice at each visit to my London apartment.

This time, he kissed my inner thigh and his moustache tickled me. “I could go a little deeper,” he whispered, “as it looks like you are almost ready for me.”

I was fairly moist with the foreplay, and he could see the damp of my panties. I liked the thought of him looking at me through the flimsy silk of my panties, which had a thin gusset anyway, so I knew I wasn’t completely covered. I suggested he could kiss me through them.

The thought of him actually down there was a turn-on in itself and I think it would be for any escort from the agency, but kissing me through my panties was a new experience for me. “Okay, but you know how I like it, Mike, slow, teasing and gentle.”

I almost giggled as his moustache touched my skin, but he took his time following the line of my inner thigh, up towards my panties. Then he blew hot breath onto my private area. I wanted to arch into his face, but he pulled back and laughed.

“Don’t you dare try to move, or lese you’ll get such a spanking from me. You know how hard that could be now, don’t you.”

I reluctantly nodded my head, and let him continue. His spanking would leave red marks on my bottom, and as I was with Josh later tonight, I dare not do as he asked.

Mike held me down and delicately kissed me, increasing my pleasure with each kiss, until his teeth pulled the gusset to one side, and his tongue started to tease me naughtily. I lay back a very grateful agency escort and let him continue.


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