Escorts and diamond traders

I was late for my date. I had met Menno, a tall Dutchman, at a bar in south west London the week before. This had been my friend’s last booking before she went on maternity leave. Now I was holding the fort and trying to keep my business ticking over too. Menno had only wanted to meet for a few drinks. I guessed he was discerning and he had every right to be. As a diamond trader from Holland, I was fascinated by his tales of some of the deals he had worked.


Now he had just finished some deals in Hatton Garden, which was the largest and most concentrated area of jewellery shops and craftspeople in the country. Funnily enough I had never visited the area, although I have received over twenty items of diamond jewellery as thank you presents in my line of escort work.


Menno was dark-haired, blue-eyed and very sexy. I knew little about him personally as we huddled in the packed bar for a pre-theatre drink. Throughout the play, Menno’s hands reached further and further up my skirt, until I could hardly breathe. Then he stopped and smiled. I could have easily moaned and disrupted the whole evening.


After the interval, Menno behaved until about ten minutes before the end, when he took my hand and placed it onto his erection. I had sensed he was horny and he whispered he had been thinking about the sweet place between my thighs. I allowed him to caress my skin until, this time, he touched me intimately. I could sense the shock course through him as he realised I wasn’t actually wearing any panties.


When the play had finished, we took a cab back to his hotel, only a seven-minute ride away. I had offered to walk as it would only take a few more minutes, but his smouldering look told me he was ready for action. In the cab, his hand rubbed between my legs and I thought I would lose control, so I quickly stopped him.


We kissed hungrily in his room as he tore his clothes off and then he just lifted my skirt and looked at my thighs. “Your thigh is about 18 inches in circumference, let’s see if this fits.”


He winked as he took out a necklace case with a diamond necklace inside. It was gorgeous and sparkling and he was careful to ensure it did not slip down. As he asked he to lift my skirt further, he took a picture and mentioned this would be a keepsake photo. Sadly Menno took the necklace off again. That would have been a very expensive keepsake!


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