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He Slid My Panties Down

I worked hard at the gym, so I was feeling much more energised than usual. I’ve got myself a vastly-discounted morning only membership for the two of us, and I’m making as much use as possible to shift the two kilos I’ve put on being away for a long weekend with Josh. Rather than showering there, I’m jogging the five minutes to get home and showered. Then I have a free afternoon before a client meeting tonight.

I’m looking at my naked form in the mirror and realise I look younger than my years which is a god send for an escort on the London circuit. Most clients think I’m around twenty-three, not twenty-seven. It’s the good skin, passed down genetically from my mother which helps to achieve the youthful flush. I’m thinking about how Noah undressed me yesterday. He was tentative stroking every clear piece of skin he unveiled.

The first hint of his prowess was his kiss. He brushed his lips lightly over mine and I savoured the tingle on my lips. He didn’t take the kissing any further until he’d slid my panties down over my knees. Then his lips brushed my inner thigh. I closed my eyes as he’d moved up past my flat stomach and to the curve of my breasts.

“You have a fabulous figure,” he’d whispered against my nipple, and I could briefly see myself working out at the gym, thankful I’d worked myself into good shape.

But those thoughts drifted away as his lips moved over my skin and teased me into a state of excitement the kind of feelings escorts a supposed to keep under control. Joanna wasn’t wrong. He liked to work slowly and his fingers were soft to the touch – caressing, stroking and at times, tickling me. I giggled a few times, until he broke into a smile. “You are too sensitive here.” Noah pointed at my ribs until I pulled his lips onto mine and we kissed passionately.

I touched his muscles and the line of his spine until I reached his buttocks. They were firm and Noah sighed as I squeezed them. He worked out too.

Coming back out of my reverie, I realised I was looking at myself in the mirror – still naked and my face was flushed. It would be at least another month before we would meet again.


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