The ultimate private dance

I very rarely lap dance for any of the clients I escort, but James had booked me through the agency for an evening of entertainment. We’d eaten out and had just returned when he asked me to dance for him. I suddenly felt shy and he laughed at my expression. I asked him why he wanted me to dance and his reply convinced me to try. “You are a natural mover and very sexy. I’d like to see you tease me.”

I stripped to my underwear and let James pick a track of his choosing. Luckily, I felt I could work with the track and hoped I could arouse James in the process. I dimmed the lights and watched him languish back against the sofa and wait for me to start.

I threw any thoughts of looking ridiculous out of the window and started to move sexily, twisting my hair up into a ball and letting it down again. Then I began to trace my skin through my bra and knickers the way escorts do when they want to be taken hard. Then I moved in front of James and undid my bra to allow my breasts to fall, almost into his face. James whistled under his breath, but I would not let him touch me. I danced around, letting the natural bounce of my breasts fill his line of vision and then I turned around. I was wearing every agency girls favourite a G-string so he had full view of the curve of my buttocks. I moved sexily in front of him and pulled the G-string to one side, so he could see my lips underneath.

I continued and realised I was getting more and more turned on. I faced James again and realised he was now slowly massaging himself. I pretended to bend down but I did not touch him. I just let my hot breath heat his body slowly. I worked all the way from his neck, to his nipples and down to his erection. Then I pulled back to let him view my breasts as I held them and played with myself. That was incredibly sexy and powerful as the effect on James was obvious.

The song came to a close. I whispered seductively. “So go on, what did you really think, James?”

James replied with a smile. “If you come here I will show you exactly what I thought about that performance.”

I did not need any further encouragement.


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