Busty assets that bounce

What is it with Londoners and our four legged friends; I love dogs; small dogs, big dogs, fluffy dogs, I think they’re all great. However, because of the odd hours of escort work, it’s not possible for me to have a little furry friend. But when my friend Marlon called and asked me to take care of his dog, Shaggy, for the weekend, I was happy to assist. I would finally be able to spend some time hanging out with a nice furry friend for the entire weekend. I had so much planned. I would take him to the park to meet other dogs, feed him lots of yummy treats and just have a ball with Shaggy. What I didn’t bargain for, was Shaggy helping me to pick up guys. Out of my front door I went, skipping down the street with my busty assets bouncing with every stride while clutching tightly to Shaggy’s leash. Unfortunately, a dog from across the road caught his attention and he pulled himself away and ran right toward the other dog. I gasped, checked to make sure no cars were coming and headed over to scold Shaggy for breaking away from me. Just when I was about to start yelling at this poor dog, the owner of the next dog turned around. A tall man with muscular tattooed arms, his body was to die for. I smiled at him, took hold of Shaggy’s leash and struck up a conversation with him.

Not only was he hot, but he was extremely nice. We walked through the park together and allowed the dogs to play for an hour while we got to get to know each other. Even when this hour was done, I still hadn’t had enough of him and judging by the way he couldn’t help sneaking a look at my large cleavage he hadn’t had enough of me. He invited me to coffee at his beautiful flat near Piccadilly Circus and there was no way that I could say no. I wanted to get to know him so much better but in a way that wouldn’t be permitted in the outdoors. Once the doors to his apartment had closed, I showed him just why I’m an escort with such an amazing reputation. I know that he had never had a full-bosomed girl like me before. And now, I’m happy to say that he’s been calling me ever since, wanting to get another sample of the treat I’d offered him. Perhaps I ought to schedule a visit with him, because I did indeed enjoy the wondrous things he did to my body.  

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