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The escorts lover leaves London forever

His grey eye fixed themselves on mine, speaking words that are every escorts dream. I held his gaze, reveling in the moment and wishing that tonight in London didn’t have to be our last. It’s hard to see the love of your life walk away, especially when there’s so much left unresolved. Rick picked up a new job and because he meant the world to me, there was no holding him back from fulfilling his dreams. He’d told me that if I said the word, he would stay in the UK. But how could I? Yes, thousands of miles would distance us from each other but I couldn’t bear the burden of knowing that he gave up one significant part of his life for me.

It’s been said, time and time again, that if you love someone, let them go, and if they come back, they were meant to be yours. But this was different, I was more than just his escort. I was letting him go and I didn’t want him to come back. I wanted him to spend his life doing the things he always dreamt of doing. He was a doctor and having been offered the opportunity to save hundreds of lives, I couldn’t ask him to stay.

‘I’ll love you forever,’ he said, pressing his hand against my cheek.
They dampened as tear after tear streamed down my face. I’d planned on staying strong but my emotions had their own agenda.

‘And I’ll love you forever,’ I spoke between my whimpers.
He moved his face closer to mine and our lips met. Soft and sweet with a hint of that peppermint gum he always chews. I’d remember that taste forever. I parted my lips and enjoyed a kiss I knew would soon become just a distant memory. Rick moved his hand to my back, holding me closely and protectively. I knew it would be hard to deal with saying goodbye, even for me a seasoned professional escort but I didn’t know that I wouldn’t have been able to suck up my tears and enjoy our time together. His lips traveled to my neck and even through all the pleasure, the pain was prominent. This was our last time together- I couldn’t get that thought out of my head. And as he took me to a climax higher than I’d ever thought possible, I remembered all the things I’d be missing.  

Even though he’s far away, I still reflect on the memory of him and me together- at least that brings a small sense of calm to the turmoil in my heart.

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