Life after the agency

I’ve recently been thinking about my future. I do love being an escort, but I have also started to look at my future away from the agency. In short, I want to invest in a few pieces of antique furniture. I chatted about it with my dad and he offered to help me invest in a few pieces. I wanted to buy a decent armoire, rugs and a wooden dining table and chairs set. If anything wasn’t antique, then it needed to be designer retro, and to be considered an investment for the future.

My dad thought my idea was great and he was excited to be able to help out. I found an on-line site and found a local auction with a few items I wanted. A few days later, my excitement was building as my dad sat beside me. He was doing all of the bidding on my behalf. After a few hours of watching lots of figurines and watches sell to dealers, my items were coming up. Adrenaline rushed through me as if this was a date with a gorgeous and rich young man; not quite sexual, but my nerves were jumping.

After a blood-pumping two hours, I’d won two Bokhara rugs in fantastic condition, to adorn my bedroom and study area; a French table and chairs set, and the most exquisitely-carved 19th Century French armoire.

Last night, I wondered around as I looked at my items in situ. I had the auction bug now and I sat back and wondered if I had wasted money on cheap jewellery, as the quality of those at auction was so superior. I heard my intercom and it was my Russian landlord. He was picking out my dress and shoes for the dinner party at the weekend. He had very specific tastes. I showed him into my bedroom and he smiled at me.

“For a young lady, you invest well you know. This is such a good piece of furniture and the rugs are sensational. I should get you to do some shopping for me.”

As he picked out an Oscar de la Renta peplum dress and a pair of red heels to match, he turned and smiled. “As always, you have a good range of dresses, I like that. Vlad will look forward to your company again!” I was excited at the prospect of a lavish dinner party, where champagne flowed freely and the food would be exquisite, yes the life of an escort is exceptionally good!

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