Your ass is just gorgeous

Back in my apartment, I watched Justin undress. He had softly-rounded buttocks, with a smattering of coarse hair, call girls London hotties love nice glutes. His legs were muscular, and when he turned and walked towards the bed, his erection bobbed up and down invitingly. He leant down to check out the oils I’d placed on the bedside cabinet.

He looked over at me. “I think you fancy me. I mean, you are sexually attracted to me, aren’t you?” I hesitated and answered honestly, but carefully. “Yes, interestingly, you look at me too as though you fancy me. I find you very capable in bed, everything an escort wants, I can feel the sexual energy between us constantly, and I like the rhythm when we start to fuck.”

I still wore my underwear as I straddled across his back. I could feel my crotch area warm when I smoothed the oil over his buttocks. “Your ass is just gorgeous. I could stroke you for hours.”

Justin moved slightly and replied. “Just do that then. No full sex tonight, just touch me slowly, massage me, until I ask you to stop, please.”

I was rather surprised at that request, but this was his time, and I needed him to feel as special as I could. I stroked his thighs and buttocks, then climbed off and massaged the tension knots away in his back. He was enjoying this, but I could feel the sexual energy rise between us.

“This is no good. I really want to fuck you. I love how tight you feel when you come around me.” Justin turned over and looked at me lustfully.

“I really need to come,” he whispered, but I wasn’t going to just jump on him like a £50 a go call girl. I squeezed massage oil onto my hands and worked his chest muscles, as he played with my breasts. He rubbed himself against me as I teased him and took complete control of the situation.

“Let’s get me warmed up too,” I whispered back, as my lips touched his and we started to kiss, playfully at first, and then deeper, and with more urgency. Then he literally pulled me around in a full circle, so I was facing his feet, and started licking me as I lay fully on top of him. I grabbed his condom, put it on his hard cock and lowered my mouth. I’ve not been in this position for quite some time!


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