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Two Girls and Buzzing Appliances

“Hello, you have reached London’s, premiere escort service BOL, Helen speaking, how may I help you?”

“Yes hello, my husband is away for the weekend and I would like some company.”

“I’m sorry miss, but we currently have no male escorts on our books.”

“That’s fine. I’m bored. I need some stimulation. I think it’s high time I tried what’s on offer on the other side of the fence.”

“I see madam. Do you have any preferences in terms of looks, age, height etc?”

“Well…I don’t know. I guess I don’t. I’ve never thought about it. Probably someone taller than me, with shorter hair, muscular build?”

Helen couldn’t help rolling her eyes. It sounded like the woman was looking for a man but luckily for her they catered to many tastes at BOL escorts.

“I think I have just the girl for you. Now if you would give me some details…”

“Of course.”

Helen took her details and agreed on a time and place for her and her ‘date’ to meet.

The first thing she noticed when they saw each other was that Angela was everything she might imagine lusting after if she was a lesbian. She considered this as she was engulfed in a tentative hug by Angela, who was waiting for her outside of La Gavroche, the restaurant in Westminster Coreen chose for this dinner.

They sat and ordered, and when the straight-laced waiter placed warm bread and sautéed mussels in front of them, Angela nudged her under the table.

After he had gone, Coreen belatedly said “What?”

Angela replied, “Tell me you noticed the hickey behind his ear. What the fuck?”

They both snorted into their glasses of Sauvignon Blanc. The rest of the night continued as if they had known each other forever.

Coreen paid the bill and they were handed their doggy bags– penne, risotto, panna cotta. They walk out together talking about tattoos and their latest ones. Coreen had words on her chest and her neck, positions as brazen as the person she wanted to become. Angela has one on her upper arm.

Coreen laughed freely at it; the tattoo read, “Go with the flow” in Sanskrit.

When they arrive at her house, Coreen went to the bathroom. She came back to find Angela naked and face down on the day bed, her hair caught in the tassels of a hideous cushion.

“Come lay down,” Angela said, and her voice sounded strange muffled by upholstery and reverberating in the silence of a big house, empty but for two girls and buzzing appliances.


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