Escorts and Selfies

My lingerie modelling had been fairly quiet. To fill in the gaps I found myself in London escorting more guys however, I’d heard that several new contracts were in the pipeline, but I had only had a couple come through in the past month or so. Now the weather was warming up, summer lingerie collections were being designed.

I giggled suddenly. I recalled the recent launch of the spring underwear collection. I had originally thought it had been confined to retailing websites, glossy magazines, and the odd promotional event, where we stood in several West London boutique stores, and walked down a minute catwalk, only a metre away from the gaze of potential clientele.

Imagine my surprise when I saw my own body gazing out at me in the tube station. I was obviously fully-clothed, but men and women were equally staring at my form, as they went up and down escalators. I went down and up the same escalator three times, just so that I could see what I really looked like as a ‘poster girl’. The last time, I took a selfie and smiled, but the two guys behind noticed. “You look like her,” they exclaimed. I just smiled self-consciously, and sent the image to Josh, who would be working at his theatre. I sincerely hoped he wasn’t drinking coffee as he might spill it with the shock.

The boutique store shows were well-attended, by wealthy women and their husbands. I was asked a few questions about comfort, fit and durability afterwards. There were the odd occasions when I was asked if I modelled exclusively for the one agency and I nodded. “Yes, I do. They keep me busy and I have signed a contract. If you want to call them, here is a card.” They took them, and I wrote my fictitious name down so they could request me personally through the agency.

The next time I travelled on the London underground I stared straight ahead and would not look to either side. I wore a beanie and dressed down with no make-up. I wasn’t sure if I still adorned the walls on either side of the elevator, or not! I laughed when Josh sent me a selfie of himself blowing kisses at my poster. Whatever would have the other commuters thought when they saw him do that?

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