Agency escorts with modelling careers

I had my lingerie modelling shoot and I was just arriving to see a young man waiting in the reception area and he smiled. I hadn’t met him before, he looked like someone from a London escort agency but, I knew he was a model from his appearance.

As didn’t know I was going to be doing a joint shoot, Carla took me to one side and explained the demand for the two of us had rocketed since the trial. It would be sexy but interesting to work with a young James Dean lookalike. We shook hands and I found out his name was Alex.

We both changed and we headed into the make-up area, then into the studio. I wore a sexy basque, suspender and knicker set, followed by a plain cream set, designed for agency escorts like me with fuller bosoms.

I tried hard not to stare at the wiry, nubile, handsome young man opposite me and he was respectful back. He only looked at me when directed and I appreciated that.

There was a hot potential kiss scene and the first time, as I tried to smoulder into his eyes, I ended up giggling. The second take was good and Alex thought I looked extremely authentic.

We took a break, and Alex headed off to do a solo shoot, and I changed into a variety of silk sleepwear. The shoot took another two hours as there were six different sets of sleepwear to change into. I had to pout, pose, look playful with pillows; stand in front of a wardrobe and look at the camera through the mirror. It was interesting and I did actually enjoy this experience.

When Carla asked me to check two possible dates for a lingerie show in Milan, I looked at her, but tried to keep as calm as possible. In a fortnight, I would be whisked over one evening, be briefed with two other girls, practice, be at a show the next day, and fly back late afternoon no different than an overnight that escorts are used to doing with their agency.

By the end of the day, I was shattered and needed a hot bath. I looked through a sample of the photographs and picked three out. When I arrived home, I’d sign them with my fake name, and would organise them to be framed. Then I realised that I actually wanted to keep them for myself, for when I’m old, and can look back and remember this very moment.



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