London can be hectic for an escort

His rough hands made their way across my skin, tickling and inflicting a miniscule amount of pain as he moved them along the extent of my back. It had been an exceptionally long day in London for this very tired escort and at that very moment, there was nothing that I wanted more than to be pampered; to be treated like the only girl in the world. And Erick, well he was doing an excellent job at it. Making me feel special, day in and day out, was something that he never failed to do and I appreciated him very much for it.

Today, however, was a bit different than our regular days together. Though Erick always ensured that I received the adequate amount of attention from him, our days were typically focused on his wants and needs. This wasn’t something that I minded, in fact, I love being the only girl in London who knows exactly what he wants and who is never short on satisfying him. But on this very day, he decided to flip the roles and be the one to take care of me and my every needs. Realizing that I was a tad bit stressed, he decided that it would be a great idea to start me off with a nice massage. I had no idea what he was planning and thus, was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the dimly lit hotel room to see the bed nicely decorated with roses and an assortment of sweet smelling oils neatly positioned on the table beside it.

At first, I thought that he had set this up for me to take care of him but then he informed me that it was time his ‘little escort was treated to something spectacular.’ And spectacular it was- not just the thought but the fact that he was the one doing this and the fact that he truly did put a lot of work into making me feel special.

That night, the massage wasn’t the only pampering I received from Erick. A candle lit dinner, a walk in the park and a completely romantic end to the day to top things all off was what I received from Erick.

I’m truly blessed to have men like Erick in my life. Because of them, I know that I will always be okay, and that I always have someone to turn to no matter what it is I want or need.

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