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I headed out to meet my escort friend Anna in the bar and to see if I could bring myself to have a conversation with the hot guy, Josh, a London guy who lived nearby and frequented there too. I had a feeling he was seeing someone, but I knew I needed to check this out for myself. Apart for a client, Marco, he was the only guy I was semi-interested in physically and sexually. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a full bosomed pretty girl in her late-twenties looking back in the mirror. I needed to think about having a boyfriend. Now that I no longer had a Madam, I may be able to manage dating and a semi-serious boyfriend.

I would never tell a boyfriend about what I do for a living and could easily hide behind my part-time furnishings business. I could explain that I was studying a few evenings per week, which I was, although studying the male anatomy was stretching the truth a little!

I wore a new White Stuff tunic and tight jeggings, with a pair of wedge-heeled sandals. I could not go out in top-end designer clothes as I knew Anna to keep things low key. I accessorised with rose-gold pendant, ring and bracelet I’d been given as a gift by a rich Arabian client. With a final application of pink lipstick, I set out feeling fairly excited. I was positive, and even if he was not present, at least I would have a catch-up with Anna.

Anna and I arrived at the same time. She approached from the opposite direction with her slim waistline and busty figure we made a perfect pair and we hugged outside, before going into the packed bar. I dare not look around immediately and there was a brief hush, which happens frequently. We found two bar stools and sat there as we were warned there was an hour wait for tables. As we perused the menu, Anna “always the most observant escort when it came to discretely scanning a crowed room” nudged me and leant over to whisper in my ear. “Josh is here and he has noticed us. He is with two friends and there is no female in sight.”

I felt my heart jump. I’d let him come over to us. Within about ten minutes, I could feel a presence at my side. I looked and saw Josh ordering a round of drinks. He looked sideways and smiled. “Emma, isn’t it?” I nodded and smiled. “It’s Josh, isn’t it?” I could hear Anna giggle, but ignored her. I could feel myself reacting physiologically, although I was sure I could hide it.

“How long will you be waiting for a table, ladies?” I shrugged my shoulders and Josh asked if we wanted to join them. I turned to Anna, who nodded furiously. At least we’d have the opportunity to talk with them and find out if Josh was single, or not!


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