A hot busty babe like me

It was Halloween, my favorite time of the year. Some escort friends of mine were hosting a party in east London and I wanted nothing more than to be the stacked chick who is the center of attention. This is why I made sure to shop around for the sexiest costume that I could find. Any party that Julie and Eli hosted was bound to have a plethora of attractive men and I could surely do with taking a treat home with me that night. I walked into the venue looking sexier than ever in a tight leather outfit, fishnet tights and the sexiest heels I own. Everyone’s eyes made their way to me when I entered the room, reassuring me that my attire was the perfect choice. But what stood out more than anything was a guy who stood at the end of the room, dressed in a vampire costume and sipping away at a bloody Mary.

His eyes met mine and I froze for a minute, realizing that I did indeed know who he was. He had hired me as his escort a few weeks prior and I couldn’t have been happier remembering the great time that the two of us had together. If he was the one I took home that night, I would definitely have my bed rocked more than I could handle and for a hot busty babe like me that’s really saying a lot. I made my way over to him, gloating as he smiled from cheek to cheek. He placed a delicate kiss right on the nape of my neck, making me want him even more. We got to talking and though I’d met him before, I was amazed at just how much of a great talker he was. After all, our last encounter didn’t leave much time to get to know each other. Our conversation came to an end when my favorite song started to pump through the speakers and I just had to take him out onto the dance floor for some fun. After a few hours of dancing, we made our way to my apartment and he showed me just what it was that I had expected when I laid eyes on him. It really was a wonderful night and one that I thought would be extremely hard to top. However, he insisted on seeing me again the next weekend and I have to admit that he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve that I could get used to taking advantage of.

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