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A patient London guy every escorts dream

Weddings are a great place for naughty London escorts to fall in lust. I was a bride’s maid for one of my best friends in the world, a beautiful busty blonde, with a husband just as gorgeous. There was one guy, Abraham, who was a member of the groom’s party. I’d never seen him before, but the minute I spotted him, I couldn’t keep my eyes away. All I could think of was how delicious his lips must be and how great they would feel placing kisses all over my body.

After the ceremony was over and the after party was taken to a discreet London garden, I made it a point to get to know him. I walked over, my heart pacing and my love box getting wet as I kept my eyes focused on the bulge in his pants that I knew would be a lot more extravagant once I’d gotten my hands all over it. ‘I’m Leona,’ I said to him, happy that my nerves didn’t take over. His smile lit up his face and within minutes, we had started our own party, in the back of his car. He sucked on my neck with an intensity that sent fireworks blazing through me.  I had never felt anything like it before, and when his hands reached under my bride’s maid dress, and two firm fingers slid into me, my heart skipped a beat and I almost forgot that I needed to breathe. I moaned as he fingered my tight slit, slipping his fingers in and out, in and out and I couldn’t wait to have him slide his firm manhood inside me. However, he was one of those patient London guys who is every escorts dream come true the, type of guy who believed in foreplay and ensured that he never slacked off when it came to showing a girl that he knew just how to take care of her. He spread my legs against the back of his car seats and positioned himself in between them. Those lips that I had been fantasizing about, every since my eyes had met him, were now eating away at the most sensitive part of my body. And then his tongue, his glorious tongue entered me and I melted, I climaxed so long and so hard that my body needed for no more. Oh, but there was no way I was going to resist being pleased even further, no matter how great what I had experienced already was, not after I saw the blessing that he took out of his pants.

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