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I believe that being an escort requires talent and it goes without saying that not all the women in the world possess this special talent. With men who have different needs, different desires and different appetites, it takes a special little lady to know how to pick a man apart and learn what it is that gets him going. Though I’m only twenty one years old, I definitely know how to please the men in my life. Open minded and always in search of new ways to have a man on his toes, I’ve developed a set of skills that have allowed me to earn the title of ‘the pleasing machine.’

One of my clients, Jim, is a man who wasn’t sure of what he wanted. Having just ended a relationship that wasn’t as steamy as he’d hoped it to be, Jim was in search of someone who could add spark to his life. He told me that the moment he laid his eyes on my photographs, he just knew that I was the Scarlet woman one who could bring him the feeling of fulfillment he had been in search of. This, of course, was all I needed to hear to know that it was time to put my best foot forward. The first thing I did was to search for a place, outside of my London apartment, where I could really give him the thrill he needed to bring the fire back into his life. We settled on a cozy hotel, equipped with a warm and bubbly Jacuzzi. Before he arrived, I made sure to set myself up in something really special; something really seductive. I waited for him by the Jacuzzi and watched as his mouth dropped in awe as he spotted me. He took a while to take my body in; observing it in every possible direction. And then, once he realized that I was his, and only his for the night, it was time to get the party started. Jim told me of his wildest fantasy and I ensured that I fulfilled each and every inch of it. The way that he moaned and groaned showed me that he really loved what I did to him. However, the real indicator of his satisfaction came when just a few days later, I received a phone call saying that he would love to see me again. Ever since that night, I’ve been the one that Jim calls when he’s in search of something more.

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