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Opening my legs lightly

In the bedroom, I did what a good escort should do, I undressed down to my underwear and sat on the end of the bed. There was a hanger so I placed my coat and dress on that and hooked it onto the back on the door hook. Robert came in from what looked like a kitchenette with two glasses of wine. He took one look at me, blushed and told me to take everything off. I guessed poker wasn’t going to be on the cards, so to speak!

I felt nervous as I undressed, whilst Robert watched me from a sofa. He languished back, in his dark blue jeans and black shirt.

I looked around to see where I could put my bra and knickers and immediately he rose and took them from me, smelling the perfume mixed with my scent.

“I’ve been seeing someone in London Bridge for counselling, but I miss the intimacy of having sex with girlfriends or escorts and being cuddled.”

Robert sat down beside me. “I want to sleep with someone who doesn’t mind seeing me naked.” He rose and undressed slowly and the redness and scars were not just on his neck, they covered all down his back and his leg. I felt a wave of pity, and hoped that I would not cry. He’d come this far and if this helped, then so be it.

But as soon as he turned, sexual chemistry came into play. He had a good body, a nice-sized cock, already semi-erect, and an almost wild look in his eyes. “Ask me again what I want please Elena?”

I lay back, opening my legs lightly to give Robert a view of what he’d been missing.

“Robert, tell me what you want, please?”

Robert dimmed the light so the room shadowed our bodies. His scars looked less harsh and I spoke first. “Robert, you are gorgeous. You look lovely naked.”

At that, he came to me, and kissed me softly on the lips. Then his lips moved to my breast. He kissed each in turn and sucked on a nipple. “You smell lovely.” He raised his head and I saw the need in his eye. I cupped his face and kissed him with a sudden passion that arose from out of nowhere. Robert responded readily and I found myself pinned down on top of the bed.


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