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I can still remember my very first date when I became one of the escorts in London that I had always heard about and admired for their true zest for life and love. Although my nerves were on edge, I was probably more excited than ever before.

I needn’t have worried because Luke was such a lovely chap that I almost forgot that I was actually on duty. The evening went too quickly and when he asked if I wanted a nightcap, I really couldn’t say no.

I expected to be shown to a waiting car but Luke reminded me that he had a room upstairs and was staying at the 5 star hotel where we had just shared some food together.

The room was more like a palatial suite and the Jacuzzi was almost as big as the swimming pool in my parent’s home.  We settled into the bubbles and were enjoying a sexy movie as the doorbell started to ring.

Luke opened the door with a slick remote and I gasped in astonishment as 2 very stunning ladies burst into the room laden with champagne and caviar.

Pretty soon we were all rolling around on the circular bed and I remember thanking my lucky stars that I had truly joined the ranks of the best escorts the, ladies in London who entertain the super rich men and women.

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