London guys who can’t resist the taste of Nadia

I love to get naughty, dirty and wild! They don’t call me nympho escort Nadia for nothing. I am not sure when it was that I began getting into the idea of a man worshiping my every move but the mere thought of it gets my pussy so wet that I can hardly restrain myself. There is something to be said about a man that can put his ego aside and do any twisted and freaky thing that a woman can conjure up. I like to go really hardcore when I am in these situations. Like most highly sexed London girls and escorts, I like to watch as I get licked from my ankles to my lady bits. As I watch succulent lips make their way up and up to my awaiting soaked pussy, my entire body starts to tingle.  The more obedient he is, the more it gets me off, and in most situations the more it gets him off as well. I also love to talk dirty, instructing my eager submissive to make sure I cum, or else. Once I am pleased I like to give back and when I do, I return the favor tenfold. See, I am a very nice slut! I will let him cum but only when I am ready for him to. And Mr. K is just one of those London guys who can’t resist the taste of Nadia.

I look forward to the next time every time I leave.  As soon as I arrive I get him on his knees and he stays there until I am ready to leave. He will do anything to ensure that his favorite London escort is pleased and her pussy is well satisfied. But enough about me, Mr. K, on the other hand, can’t seem to get enough of not being pleased and there are many occasions that I have seen him cum on the thought of how much pleasure he would be getting if he could just slide his big hard cock into my wet cunt, just once! And though I’d like to be the escort who could keep up this dominatrix act, I’ve got a soft spot for a nice, hard, cock being shoved deep into me.  The way it parts me and forcefully takes control, the way my pussy throbs as each inch glides along my insides, it’s a feel that I wouldn’t give up for the world. It’s a feeling that I crave each minute that I tease these wanting men and that’s why they call me the nympho of all escorts!

About the author:
A long time blogger Nadia is new to escorting but she’s quickly becoming a celebrity among the guys in London.

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