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Paul liked to be teased. He was a sexy, large, dark-skinned London man and a delight to touch. He had been a client of a couple escorts I do dates with, and had only been in contact with us recently after a two year absence. I found out his absence was due to his new company formation and associated travel and marketing.

He was luscious, fit, with large brown eyes and long eyelashes I was envious about. I liked how his manhood was lighter in colour and looked ready for action, even when he was flaccid. It also had a purplish tinge to it too and as for size, well, I do not know about how he felt when he was inside. He had only wanted to use my mouth with a little prostrate massage, whilst he pleasured me with a double dong, in both of my holes. And he is every London girl’s perfect guy, mmmmmh he liked to lick too, so that was an absolute guaranteed massive orgasm for me.

In truth, I could hardly fit him into my mouth. It had grown to an impressive girth and length with my slow touching and caressing. Encased in an extra-large condom, he was a heck of a size, and it took time to take him deeper.

I could see by Paul’s expressions that he enjoyed the sensations and was comfortable with me touching, licking, feeling him. I felt as though I knew his body well, even though this was only his second time with me. He worked out a lot and the sexiest part of him was his ass; nicely rounded and firm. He was gentle with me but his strength was undeniable. He came with a huge cry. I was glad the windows were closed, as his ass clenched.

I had not come yet but he was keen to ensure that I did and he concentrated upon me and talked to me naughtily. He watched my eyes close and his tongue suddenly speeded up and I felt my orgasm rush through me. Paul would not relent with his tongue and I came a second time. I think I must have cried out more loudly than he had, as he teased me about the din when he carefully took out the toy.

OMG what woman in her right mind would’nt love to be an escort for just one night of pleasure in London with a well hung guy like Paul!


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