Agency ladies adore the 09th arrondissement

All sophisticated escorts love shopping in Paris. Admittedly all of the top brands and boutiques have flag ship stores in London but there is something special about the city of love. Luckily the hotel, a renovated, stately townhouse hotel, was located in the 09th arrondissement. There would be no need to catch the Metro today.

I had the code for the credit card written down and stuffed in my purse so like a typical agency girl I headed out to Boulevard Haussmann, and the top designer shops, such as Versace and YSL. I found two shirts for Vlad in his size; one was a pale blue and the second white with a sheer, silk line running through. They were certainly smart enough for evening and for day wear. He knew I had good taste.

I wore my Vivienne Westwood coat and boots and felt quite dressed up. It was fairly cool and still autumnal and the Parisians looked as chic as ever.

At the Printemps department store, I bought a few make-up items and a matching bra and knicker set for the evening. There was no way I was going to spend too much money here, but I found a couple of boutiques which had a few nice items. I only bought an almost sheer top with a band around the chest for privacy. The Monobloc dress of grey and red looked fabulous with my boots. It had a contrasting silk trim where the neckline plunged perfect for a discreet escort. I then bought a matching red bead necklace. I would wear this outfit for going out this evening.

The hotel was a fifteen minute walk back, but I was thirsty and hungry. I had a few euros so found a coffee shop and ended up drinking a bowl of hot chocolate and eating a pain au chocolat, whilst people-watching. The fashion is so different here, and the girls are so pretty and quirky.

At two, I headed back, felt tired after the early start and took a long nap. Feeling refreshed, I showered and waited for Vlad to come back. I found myself looking forward to seeing him. I wondered if he would like the shirts I had bought. I found myself dozing when I heard footsteps walking up the hotel corridor towards my door.



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