Coming To My Court Room

I would not forget the time when I was asked to dress up as a female judge. I had not had that request before, maybe other escort girls in London do this all the time so, I asked my legal client to bring along the paraphernalia he wanted me to dress up in, including the wig, and I would give him a sentence he would have to serve. It was a tongue-in-cheek comment, but Hugo laughed. “That’s it my metropolis girl. Get into the swing of things.”

Hugo arrived at the hotel with a bag of props. I opened it up whilst he showered. I found a cloak, a wig and a whip. That was it. I wore my half-cup bra under the cloak, stiletto heels and sheer holdups and waited with a whip in my hand.

Hugo came out completely naked. I looked at my watch and sounded as stern as I could. “Any later and I would have held you in contempt of court.” I wasn’t sure of the saying, but it sounded good. I told him to lie over the table whilst I administered punishment, in lieu of the detention.

I took out the whip and as he lay over the table, I whipped him hard until red welts started to appear on his buttocks and thighs. Then I told him to lie down on the bed. Hugo looked round at me. “You look so sexy dressed like that. I wish there were more escort girls in London coming to my court room looking like you every day dressed so naughtily,” he mused, as his erection bobbed in front of me.

Hugo clearly noted my hold-ups, no knickers and saucy bra underneath the cloak, and I let him fondle me until I raised myself above him, and impaled myself on top of him. He placed his fingers on the lace of my hold-ups and caressed my pale skin seductively.

Then he asked me to rant about how bad he had been and that I needed to put handcuffs on him as he lay there, defenceless. I stopped, pulled off, applied the handcuffs and then sank back down on his manhood. Hugo’s cries grew louder and louder as he watched my breasts spilling out of my bra. He cried out and I told him off for coming. At that, he did laugh. “You can stop acting now,” he smiled as he slowly got his breath back.

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