London helicopter pilot wants the best escorts only

Hello, lovely people! I’m Vanessa and I have the most wonderful career in the world, and I really mean that with all of my heart.  I recently became an escort meeting  clients for dates in London and even better I’m actually working with one of the top escorts agency outfits in the city, so life is not only fun but it is also very interesting. Each time I go on a date I can feel the butterflies in my stomach as if I was 16 all over again.

I get to hang out with some real quality men who know exactly what they want and that usually means little old me in my birthday suit!

I’m in my early 20’s and have a figure that has been known to stop traffic, in at least 3 different continents. So I guess working for one of the top agencies in London was always going to be my dream job.

Each date is totally different and only last week I was swept off my feet by a lovely young man named Marcus who only dates the best escorts in the city. Despite his tender years, Marcus was a fabulous lover and made me feel like a million pounds. I think he must have spent even more than that on our vehicle for the date, Marcus has a helicopter license and I soon learned all about joining the mile high club!

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