Starting to fall in love with you

The sound was so quiet that at first, I thought I’d misheard. Look at that escort London director Margo’s latest independent movie came to mind! I turned and watched as a head peered around the door. It was Josh and when he saw me, he looked confused and startled simultaneously. I’d requested a casual look; jeans and sweater, and the idea was to meet purely for a couple of drinks from the mini-bar, followed by straight, protected sex. There was no plan to eat, go out, or anything else, apart from what I’d requested.

Josh wore a blue sweater and his Armani jeans. He smelt good as he sat beside me just like a million dollar escort the role fitted him perfectly. Neither of us had actually spoken, but the scarlet of my cheeks could not have passed unnoticed. He looked at me sideways, smiled sheepishly, and asked me the question I knew he would ask.

“How did you find out about me doing this work in London?” I could feel his masculine presence as my hand stole to pick up the envelope containing the cheque, but then I stalled. Instead of replying, I asked him a question.

“How did you get in here early and without my permission?”

Josh’s deep blue eyes lit up in the way I remembered. I had to take a deep breath as Josh moved to one of the two tub chairs and studied me for a few moments. Then he motioned for me to sit opposite him.

He appeared to be more relaxed than I thought he’d be. I took off my coat, which did not go unnoticed, and sat opposite him. I pushed my hair back behind my ears and explained I had a friend, who was in the same business, who’d tipped me off about a new and gorgeous male escort if I needed to be taken anywhere on London dates. When I realised who he was and his reasons for “being in the business” I wanted to help him. I was never planning for anything to happen.

Josh narrowed his eyes. “So you thought by booking me, that would help me. I couldn’t think of anything more tortuous than sleeping with you, and letting you just leave and slip through my fingers again. I was starting to fall in love with you. Did you not get that?”

At Josh’s confession, I had to walk to the window. The thick voile privacy curtains obscured the view of the bustling street down below.



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